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Color Challenge Week 8: Dark Raspberry

Week 8 of Luna's Color Challenge: Dark Raspberry

• Low Cut T-Shirt
• Heart opaque tights
• Nails!

p.s. Looooving this !bang lotus flower pose prop! Available at Festival of Sin!

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Festival of Sin

So. excited. for. this. event!!! My sin for the festival is "Gluttony." I've found that, hard as I try to be sexy or dark, almost everything i make ends up looking cute instead. Sooo, for this event, I decided to embrace that and try to interpret gluttony in a cutesy way. What came of it is my new bubble dress!

I also made 2 nails packs! The sinful nail pack has one color nail per each sin. The foodie nail pack is more to just go with my own "Gluttony" sin. Oh! And the foodie nail pack is also a gatcha! $10L per play. ;D


Cupcakes of loooooove ❤

Cupcakes Sim: "Love is in the Air"

I'm super excited to be a guest at the Cupcake Sim's Love is in the Air event! I've put out 3 gatchas, including the exclusive heart undies gatcha! Also an exclusive heart low-cut tee to be available only at the event.

Taxi to Cupcakes Sim


Color Challenge Week 7: Folly

Week 7 of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

I originally made these for last week's Lazy Sunday, but hadn't gotten around to blog it. Buuuuut, it's still up in the store! I've done up my short-sleeve mini dress, heart pattern stockings (in 2 colors, 1 not shown), and nails (not shown, but they're there!) in this weeks color. Btw: I LOVE this color... luuuuuurve!

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For Super Bargain Saturday

I'm so excited! This is my very first time in Super Bargain Saturday! I've always been a big fan of this event so I'm beyond happy to be participating. For my debut I've done up heart-pattern stockings in all my regular colors. Hope you like!


Seraphim Love

Gift for Seraphim Head Quarters

The lovely gals at Seraphim are bringing you another round of amazing gifts from designers all over the grid. The theme for this round is plain and simple: love. <3

Taxi to Seraphim

Fashionably Late

For CHIC's Fashionably Late

My turn for this week's Fashionably Late! I've done up a dress with late detailing on the top and a linen texture on the bottom. Available for a discount at FL until it goes to the main store at the regular price :)

I'm a little late blogging this so, as of Sunday the 12th in the evening, this can be found at the main store instead ;)

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Color Challenge Week 6: Alice Blue

* For Moody Monday & Luna's Color Challenge *

Very, very sadly, this week's Moody Monday will be the last one! The event has had a spectacular run and I feel so grateful to have been a part of it. I've once again combined it with Luna's color challenge for those of you looking for Alice Blue stuff.

Taxi to Rezipsa Loc

Valentines Mini Dresses

* For Zombiepopcorn Brand *

This will be my first official time in the Zombiepopcorn Brand event! I've made my short-sleeve mini dress in 3 v-day colors and prints. Hope y'all like!

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *

Taxi to Zombiepopcorn Headquarters

Roses are Red...

* For Taste of Second Life *

This week's theme for ToSL is "Roses are Red" to celebrate Valentines! To carry on that valentines spirit, I decided to do up a lingerie set in a deep red with a rose lace embroidery over it to keep it in the theme. Happy sexy times! *wiggles eyebrows*

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *

Mmmm Candy...

* For the Gatcha Love Fest! *

I made my first ever mouthies! These are little heart candies in a variety of colors with a bunch of different words and sayings on them!

These hearts will be available at the Gatcha Love Fest for just 5L. Since its a gatcha they are, of course, all transfer so that you can trade them with friends or give them as gifts to your valentine!

Swing by the Gatcha Love Fest and grab some candy!