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Anna ~ Work in Progress

Hi all,
Just wanted to put up some pics of the new style I'm working on. Two big new things in this one are: brand new scultpies and new textures. Enough talk for now, here are some pics, some more words below:

Sculpties - So, I just got two new big packs of sculpties and this was my first plunge into fully sculpted hair (i.e. no prims, and no flexies). Since this is all scultpies I wanted to give it some "movement" so I made one side look like it was slightly wind-swept.
Texture - I've been thinking of new ways to add more realism and depth to my hair so I've been experimenting with some changes to my textures. The texture in these pics is still very similar to my old ones, but I've added what I call a "sun light" highlight to the hair, so that it looks more shiny/glossy.

Ok, so now I'm going to ask for any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, screams of horror, etc. that you might have. I really do want to get better at this, so I really do welcome any and all feedback! :)

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Rachel Ad

Hi all!
So, this time I did make an ad the same time as the release! Here's Martha, in the 2pm tone. Available at: * RezIpsa Loc * Hope you like!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Rachel, 2pm
Skin: Heartsick, Serenity, Illusion, Dark Shine
Overalls: COCO Designs, Salopette, Light Blue
Top: Vive9, Ruched Sweater, Lilac
Earings: Alienbear, Agnes Earrings
Setting: Second Spaces, Window Seat

~ Rezzie

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Two New Styles! ~ Rachel & Hannah

Rachel is based off of my most popular style to date, Martha. It keeps the hair over the shoulder, but I've updated the bangs so that they go back to the ears. I've also made it so all the hair is behind the ears so you can show off some great earrings! Rachel also has a color change head band which comes with 10 different color options. The head band is made from 2 prims, and each is controlled by separate color change script, so you can change the colors on each one individually for endless color combos (ok, not endless, technically 100, but ya know, close enough!).
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Rachel, 7am
Skin: Free Speerit, Maya Pale Prototype, Natural
Top: RezIpsa Loc, Qtπ T-Shirt, Green
Jewelry: Alienbear, Agnes Earrings

Rachel Adams
June 15, 1787 - Dec. 22, 1828. Hubby: Andrew Jackson. She was known for her intelligence and wit and was clearly able to hold her own in any conversation. Andrew Jackson was totally devoted to her and fought a reported 13 duels to protect her honor. He even killed one opponent, Charles Dickinson. She died suddenly of a heart attack on Dec. 22, 1828; just two weeks after Andrew Jackson has won the presidential election, but prior to his inauguration. Over 10,000 people attended her funeral. She was buried on Christmas Eve in her white inaugural gown.

~ • ~ • ~ § ~ • ~ • ~

I'm currently really into the head band thing, so Hannah is also sporting a 10 color changing head band. It also is 2 separately color-changeable prims, so color change away! The bangs are straight cut, and the hair is kept behind the ears. Hannah is my first attempt at curly/wavy hair. I've used two types of sculpties to achieve both the wavy look in the back and add some little curls here and there. I decided to make is a more playful look by making it just above the shoulders in length.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Hannah, 10am
Skin: Vive9, Marianne, Babydoll, Light
Top:, Ballet Sweater, Berry
Jumper: COCO Designs, Salopette, Dark Blue
Glasses: SeraKorea, Glasses, Wood Style
Jewelry: Pink Fuel, Gatcha Bottle Charm Necklace

Hannah Van Buren
March 8, 1783 - Feb. 5, 1819. Hubby: Martin Van Buren. They were married when Martin was 24 and Hannah was 23. They had been childhood sweethearts and were first cousins once removed. Even though she died before Martin became President, she is considered a First Lady. Martin Van Buren never remarried and was one of the few Presidents to be unmarried while in office. His daughter in law, Angelica Singleton Van Buren, performed as hostess for White House events.
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Onyx Mall Weekend Sidewalk SALE!

Hi all!

The mall my store's at, Onyx Mall, is having a sidewalk sale! A bunch of the stores at the mall have put out some items right in front of their locations at deep discounts. I know P!nk is doing half off, and I decided to do the same. The sale goes from Friday to Sunday night. So, come on down and grab some cheapies!

As shown in the pic, I decided to put my most popular style, Martha, out for the sidewalk sale. So, each pack will be $125 and the fat pack will be just $500 lindens! I also put out a "Stay Classy!" T-shirt I made a little while back but hadn't put up for sale yet. It'll be $20 for the weekend sidewalk sale. I'll include a bigger pic of it below:

And last but not least, I also just put out a dollarbie "Qtπ" T-Shirt!
~ Rezzie
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Broken Resolutions Hunt

Hi all!

As I professed earlier in the blog, I'm a huge fan of hunts. So... I've gotten the store into a whole bunch of them and tomorrow marks the start of the first one!

The Broken Resolutions Hunt is being put together by Sutha Stoop of the Hunters Group. The hunt runs from January 15 - February 14. What you're hunting for is a ribbon, kinda like what you would have leftover from unwrapping christmas presents. The theme of the hunt is all of those resolutions that people usually make around this time of the year (and how you hope you don't break them!).

Since I wanted to make sure that my hunt item was unisex for all those gals and guys going through it, I decided to make a funny T-shirt within the theme. I thought about this one for a long while actually and finally came up with an idea based around a resolution I make every year: eating healthier. That made me remember a story I read in the news a while back about how now-a-days, on Sesame St., they're making Cookie Monster eat veggies instead of cookies. Well, I've always thought this was absolutely preposterous and downright blasphemous! So, here's the shirt I came up with!

So, if you like cookies, come on down and find that pretty little bow to get this Cookie Monster T-shirt!
Peace out!
p.s. I really do need a better guy shape. Any suggestions of where I can find a skinny-bodied and pretty faced boy shape out there?
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* RezIpsa Loc * ~ Group!

Hi all!

After a few people asked me I finally got around to opening a group in world. And, of course, created a freebie to go along with it! You can join the group by clicking the Group Joinder sign at the entrance to the store (see pic to the right). Once you click the sign click the link from Chat History (Ctrl+H) and then click on JOIN button!

Sweet! Now you're in the group. Next up, the group gift! I've out the group gift in the notices. So, you can get to it by opening up the group window, clicking the notices tab, selecting the notice itself, and then clicking the "Open Attachment" button. This will send the gift to your Objects folder. It's boxed, so when you rez the gift you'll have to right click and select open. Whew, ok done. Now, here's a picture of the gift!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Martha-Group Gift, 10pm
Skin: Curio, ::GP:: Elf - Acorn, Dark
Top: Truth, Martini Dress
Jewelry: Malt, Lovable Necklace (color change)


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New Location!

Hi all!

* RezIpsa Loc * has a new home! Here's the link. Onyx mall has moved sims so as to be able to accommodate more stores, and to cut down on the lag. This means only one thing: new decore, and more room for more stuff for you all!

I'm still working on the look of the place (especially what to do with those windows in the second floor; a bit too jail-like right now), but for a couple-days' work it looks pretty good right now! Here are some pics:

Here's a look from the outside:

Here's a look from the inside (with newly designed lucky chair!):

I've updated all of the SLurls on the blog, and on the Flickr, as well as all of the links and land marks in world (like in my profile, classified, and in the stuff in the store itself). Sorry for any confusion in the next couple of days if you get sent to the wrong place!

Here's the new link again, just in case: * RezIpsa Loc *
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Martha Ad

I've finally settled on a style for my ads, yeay! Hopefully next time I'll have the ad ready to go before or at the same time as the release of the actual hair. : ) Hope you like, and here's your taxi to the store.

Location: Quiet, AM Radio
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Martha, 10pm
Skin: Heartsick, Serenity: Mistletoe & Wine
Sweater: Malt, Marry Xmas Gift

~ Rezzie