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* February FTLO Black Market *

For this month's FTLO Black Market event I'm trying my hand at working with lace for the first time, so I hope it came out ok!

A pack with 3 valentines colors will be available at the Black Market for the month for just $100L. Also, for the 3 other discounted items i've included: a pair of pink tights, a pink t-shirt, and my kisses gatcha!

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Valentine's Day T-Shirts

* Valentine's Day T-Shirts *
* For La Venta Eventa *

For this week's LVE i'm going totally Valentines day, with 4 v-day tees... well, 3 v-day tees, and one anti-v-day tee.


Color Challenge Week 5: Patina

For Moody Monday
Week 5 of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

For this week's Moody Monday I've decided to make my item in next week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Patina! (Which I guess is like the minty-green color oxidized metal turns into, like the Statue of Liberty!) I've done up my cowl-neck sweater, nails, and made some new pattern stockings in this weeks color. :D

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Because Geeks need Love too...

* Geeky Luv T-Shirt, for Taste of Second Life *

This week's theme for ToSL is "Geek Chic"! I LOVE this theme so I hope y'all like my quirky t-shirt for it: a touch of geek with a bit of Valentine's mixed in!



* Sparkly Nails, for La Venta Eventa *

My turn at the "cosmetics" category for La Venta Eventa again! For this week's LVE I've made some sparkly nails for 50L!

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If I Only had a Heart... ❤

Iron Heart outfit for Moody Monday!

For this week's Moody Monday I've decided to make my item in next week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Iron! I think I must have been channeling the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz on this one. Both the T-shirt and the tights are available for 50L for the next few days!

To learn more about Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge click here!


Iron Flowers on a Lazy Sunday

Iron Flower Dresses For Lazy Sunday

For this week's Lazy Sunday i've decided to make my item in next week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Iron! I've done up my new dress in a floral print and its up in two different shades for a special Lazy Sunday price of $75L before it goes up to the regular price of $100L.

To learn more about Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge click here!

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Color Challenge Week 3: Electric Indigo

Week 3 of Luna's Color Challenge!

Again, a bit early for those of you looking for stuff in the next week's color. I made the following of the things above and they'll be available at the store for the next couple of weeks:
• Hair
• Makeup
• Bikini

To learn more about Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge click here!

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Oh look! A dress!

Short Sleeve Mini, For Fashionably Late

CHIC's Fashionably Late weekly event has started back up again for the new year! Each week a new batch of designers will put out a brand new and exclusive item.

This time around I'm offering up my very first go at dresses. It's a mini dress with short sleeves and a narrow leather belt detail. The skirt and sleeves are prims :)

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Millenium Hunt!

* FTLO Millenium Hunt *
Starting Jan. 5th

Now, this hunt is a little different, but a lot of fun. Instead of a hunt object you'll be scanning each store's existing vendors for one that's marked to $1L. When you find it you get not only the stuff already inside the vendor, but also the hunt gift! Below is what I came up with, some sparkly makeup & nails for the new year!

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Color Challenge Week 2: Coral

Week #2 of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color!

I wanted to put this one out a little ahead since I'm making the pieces I made available at the store for those who are looking for coral things for their own posts. So, if you're in the need of any basics, come swing by!

• Low-cut T-shirt
• Tights
• Nails

Available at: * RezIpsa Loc *

Check out Luna's Blog for more info on the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!
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Luna's Color Challenge: Champagne!

Color Challenge!!

Have you heard of the fantastic Luna Jubilee? And have you heard of her super-funtastic 52 Weeks of Color Challenge? If you answered no to either of these questions, you should totally check it out at her blog: Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.

This week began the 2nd go around of the color challenge and this week's color is Champagne!

While I am not a blogger this challenge seems like so much fun I wanted to hop on board. So, I've decided I'm going to make 2-3 items from my basic lines (or maybe new stuff!) in each color of the week and then try and put together a blog-ish like picture. Each of the week's color items will be available at my main store for the duration of the week in case y'all are looking for stuff to join the fun.

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Neon Undies Pack
January round of FTLO's Black Market

The Black Market re-opens on January 1st with a brand new collection of stuffs! Each creator is offering up one new and exclusive item for 100L, and up to four items from their current inventory at a reduced price of 40L. My new thing is: undies!! Consider this neon pack a pre-release before I come out with a full line after this event is over. :)


The Breeder's Borough New Year's Day Hunt!

* The Borough's New Years Hunt *
Yes! I am a not-so-secret fan of breadables in SL. Hee hee. I started out with Kittycats and then got some Meeroos too. They're just so cute and fun! You can actually check out both my kitties and my roos at the main store! The kitties are indoors and the roos are right outside in the backyard ;)

So, be sure to join the awesome crew at the Borough, one of the top breedable spots on the grid, this New Year's day (Sunday) from 8PM SLT- 12 AM SLT to grab some great hunt gifts! There will only be 10 of my gift up for grabs from the Prize Giver, plus many more from other great creators as well.