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This is some Good Shit!

The Good Shit Hunt starts today!

Brought to you by some of the coolest people I know in SL, don't be confused by this hunt's name! The hunt has nothing to do with bodily waste. It does, however, have everything to do with some of amazing designers from across the grid. Like, seriously, amazing. I am absolutely honored to be in a hunt with some of my fave SL stores (can you say, and Poetic Colors, and on and on and on!).

So, here's what I made. I hope its up-to-snuff with the rest of the amazing content creators in the GSH!

The Good Shit Hunt starts June 26 at 8pm and goes until July 10. You'll be looking for a soda pop bottle with the GSH logo on it. For more information, including a list of store SLurls, hints, pics, info on the in-world group, and much more, check out the Good Sh!t Hunt Blog!



NOH8 Hunt

Hi all,
The NOH8 hunt is the first of two hunts that * RezIpsa Loc * is a part of that starts this weekend. The NOH8 hunt is being put together by the GLBT Grid Wide Hunts Group, a group that dedicates itself to putting on hunts with a purpose in SL. This is the first of their hunts that I am a part of, but I love how much though they seem to put into the topics behind their hunts.

Here's what I ended up putting together for this one. The gift includes BOTH the tank top and the jeans!

The hunt goes from June 27-July 27, and you'll be looking for a texture with the Black, White, and Red NOH8 logo on it. For more information on the hunt, as well as a list of stores with SLurls, and hints, check out the GLBT Grid Wide Hunts Group!



Tank Tops!

Next up: Tank Tops!
Its summer time (wooo hooo!!!), and that means time to make skimpier clothes! I realized I'd never made tank tops, so I decided it was high time a tank-top template for myself so I could bring you all some summer-y goodness!

The first bunch of tank-tops I made are these Chain-Tank-Tops. The really fun thing about these is that they come with a flexi-prim-attachment so that the chains will actually move when you walk or dance! Also, a bonus: when you buy one color of the tank top you get that color with both colors of chains (silver & gold)! So every layer with each color and two flexi-prim-attachments. Woot! \o/

Here are some pics for ya:

Dollarbie Tank Top!

Hope you like!




So, to get back into the swing of creating stuff after RL spit me back out after finals (damn you school!), I decided to make some clothes. It had been a whiiiiile since I made jeans so I dove right into those!

My absolute favorite part of these jeans is the fact that they go all the way down to your ankles. In RL I really love jeans that go all the way down to almost your feet, especially skinny jeans that do that. So, to replicate that in SL, I made an extension using the sock layer! So, as you can see in the pics below, the jeans go all the way down to your ankles.

I made three different types of jeans. Well, two really, but one of them has 2 sub-kinds. I made a bunch of jeans with a "ribbon" accent, some with a broche accessory and some with a flower accessory, and then I made 4 animal print jeans. Here they are:

Broche & Ribbon Jeans:

Flower & Ribbon Jeans:

Animal Print Jeans:

Group Gift Jeans:

Dollarbie Jeans!

That's it for now! Hope you like 'em!