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Rockin' Friday!

Yeay for weekly events!

This Friday * RezIpsa Loc * is part of Rocking Friday! Every Friday at 12am SLT a fixed group of designers will place an item marked down to $50L in front of their main stores! The items will be available until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

So, I'm in this week's "group" and, since it's my first time around, I thought I'd go all, out and offer you two tank tops and some shorts! The tanks are striped tanks in both Cool Blue and Mint Green come in all layers, as do the shorts. Swing by and pick them up before they're gone!

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *

p.s. Thanks to KawaiiNicole Pierce for posing for the pic with me!!
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Happy 4th of July!

Woo hooo! Insert fireworks here...

Sooo, I have to get better at remembering to make things for holidays a few days before the actual holiday, instead of like the evening before. Doix! Anywho... I decided to make a 4th of July outfit! I've really been into making both tank tops and jeans that go together so I decided some red-white-and-blue was in order! Here's what I ended up coming up with:

Also, in celebration of the 4th of July, this outfit will be $4L through Monday, July 5th!

Taxi cab to the store to pick it up!
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This is some Good Shit!

The Good Shit Hunt starts today!

Brought to you by some of the coolest people I know in SL, don't be confused by this hunt's name! The hunt has nothing to do with bodily waste. It does, however, have everything to do with some of amazing designers from across the grid. Like, seriously, amazing. I am absolutely honored to be in a hunt with some of my fave SL stores (can you say, and Poetic Colors, and on and on and on!).

So, here's what I made. I hope its up-to-snuff with the rest of the amazing content creators in the GSH!

The Good Shit Hunt starts June 26 at 8pm and goes until July 10. You'll be looking for a soda pop bottle with the GSH logo on it. For more information, including a list of store SLurls, hints, pics, info on the in-world group, and much more, check out the Good Sh!t Hunt Blog!



NOH8 Hunt

Hi all,
The NOH8 hunt is the first of two hunts that * RezIpsa Loc * is a part of that starts this weekend. The NOH8 hunt is being put together by the GLBT Grid Wide Hunts Group, a group that dedicates itself to putting on hunts with a purpose in SL. This is the first of their hunts that I am a part of, but I love how much though they seem to put into the topics behind their hunts.

Here's what I ended up putting together for this one. The gift includes BOTH the tank top and the jeans!

The hunt goes from June 27-July 27, and you'll be looking for a texture with the Black, White, and Red NOH8 logo on it. For more information on the hunt, as well as a list of stores with SLurls, and hints, check out the GLBT Grid Wide Hunts Group!



Tank Tops!

Next up: Tank Tops!
Its summer time (wooo hooo!!!), and that means time to make skimpier clothes! I realized I'd never made tank tops, so I decided it was high time a tank-top template for myself so I could bring you all some summer-y goodness!

The first bunch of tank-tops I made are these Chain-Tank-Tops. The really fun thing about these is that they come with a flexi-prim-attachment so that the chains will actually move when you walk or dance! Also, a bonus: when you buy one color of the tank top you get that color with both colors of chains (silver & gold)! So every layer with each color and two flexi-prim-attachments. Woot! \o/

Here are some pics for ya:

Dollarbie Tank Top!

Hope you like!




So, to get back into the swing of creating stuff after RL spit me back out after finals (damn you school!), I decided to make some clothes. It had been a whiiiiile since I made jeans so I dove right into those!

My absolute favorite part of these jeans is the fact that they go all the way down to your ankles. In RL I really love jeans that go all the way down to almost your feet, especially skinny jeans that do that. So, to replicate that in SL, I made an extension using the sock layer! So, as you can see in the pics below, the jeans go all the way down to your ankles.

I made three different types of jeans. Well, two really, but one of them has 2 sub-kinds. I made a bunch of jeans with a "ribbon" accent, some with a broche accessory and some with a flower accessory, and then I made 4 animal print jeans. Here they are:

Broche & Ribbon Jeans:

Flower & Ribbon Jeans:

Animal Print Jeans:

Group Gift Jeans:

Dollarbie Jeans!

That's it for now! Hope you like 'em!


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New Group Gift!

Hi all!

So... now that the Accessory Fair is over, time to get to making some new stuff! It was such a whirl wind to get everything done for the fair that I was totally build-spent! But now, after a bit of a break, I'm ready to get back to it.

I'm currently working on two new styles, an update of Abigail, and a new long style called Jane. As soon as I'm done with each I'm going to send a sample of each out as a group gift! It'll still be a while before they're ready for sale after that because I have to do all the coloring, but I really wanna get some new stuff out there!

Anywho... in the mean time, I thought it was time for a new group gift! To hold you all over until the hair comes out now that I've said its coming, I made a new group gift "Made in the 80's" T-Shirt! Here's a pic:
Skin: Pink Fuel, Chai, Girly
Shirt: RezIpsa Loc, Made in the 80's, Group Gift T-Shirt
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Margaret, 12am
Glasses: SM Chich, Chic Sunglasses, Lime

Shirt: RezIpsa Loc, Made in the 80's, Group Gift T-Shirt
Skin: Belleza, Thomas, V2
Hair: MADesigns, Chris, Winter, Irish Coffee
Glasses: n/a (sorry! I think the store closed)

If you're already a member of the group and didn't get it already, check the past notices. If you're not a group member yet, drop on by the store, click the group joiner thingie in the front wall of the store, then check the past notices. :)

Hair coming soon!

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St. Patty's Day!

Hi All!

So, I made some St. Patty's day hair for a great new event at my main store's sim: Onyx Mall. Every Thursday and Friday the designers are setting up two items right in front of the store that will be special priced at $69L each! So, I decided to make 2 St. Patty's day styles :) Once the event was over I was kind of thinking what to do with them, since there really was still another few days until the actual St. Patty's, so I decided to put them up for bargain sale at both the main store and my Accessory Fair 2010 booth!

You can find them at both places for just $10L now! Here are the pics:

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Sarah, St. Patty's, 6am
Skin: Leafy

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Margaret, St. Patty's, 11pm
Skin: Leafy

So, come on down and pick these up before they're gone forever!
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Accessory Fair 2010 ~ Hunt, Cheapie, and Events!

Next AF 2010 Post!
Along with my releases for the AF I also made items for the AF hunt, Relay for Life, and a special $10L cheapie for fair goers! Pics and info time:

Sarah, $10L Cheapie!
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Sarah, $10L
Skin: LeLutka, IFE Light, Vamp

Margaret, AF Hunt Gift!
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Margaret, AF 2010 Hunt Gift
Skin: Pink Fuel, Pink Sugar, Milk
Top: RezIpsa Loc, Panda, White

Relay for Life Styles: Sarah & Anna
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Sarah, RFL
Skin: Curio, Elf - Happy Holidays, Petal Dark

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, RFL
Skin: LeLutka, IFE Light, Vamp
Top: Atomic,

The Accessory Show
Last, but not least, I'm super excited to let you all know that RezIpsa Loc will be a part of the first of two great fashion shows being put together by Glance International Agency! The Accessory Show will take place tomorrow, March 13, at 1pm SLT. Come on down to the AF Cat Walk to check it out!

Accessory Fair 2010!

Hi all!
Finally getting around to posting about the Accessory Fair 2010! My release for the AF 2010 has been my biggest release to date. So I'm going to try to split this up into two posts, one for the releases and one for the freebie, cheapie, and special events. Since it's the Accessory Fair this release is choc-full of hairs with accessories on them! It gave me a great reason to experiment with new techniques, so I hope you like what I came up with. Ok, I'll start with the new releases!

All of these styles will be available at the Glance International Agency Accessory Fair 2010 from March 6 - 27. After the fair they'll come over to the Main Store at Onyx Mall!
Here's a taxi to my booth at the fair: * RezIpsa Loc * @ AF 2010

Ready... set... PICs!

(Working on credits and bio stuff... hopefully be done by the end of the day!)

Anna, Broadway
The theme for AF 2010 is "Broadway Nights" so, as my first style, I decided to make a "Broadway" version of my last released Anna style. The mask has three flexi feathers, two strands of pearls, and is color change!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, Broadway, 11pm
Skin: Leafy,

Anna Harrison
Click here for previous post with Anna bio. :)

Here's Letitia! This is a re-vamped version of the Letitia style I released for Weekend Fever a month or so ago. This Letitia has a different texture in the pony tail, and I've actually changed the heard in the hat to be the RezIpsa Loc logo heart! Now both the color band and the heart on the hat are color change! They are each independently color change so you can mix and max as desired.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Letitia, 9am
Skin: Belleza
Hoodie: Intrigue Co., Military MJ

To come...

I had so much fun with Julia! This is also a new and improved version of a recent Weekend Fever release, but with a fuller pony-tail and way more color and pattern options in the clip! As the picture says, over 15 options.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, Broadway, 11pm
Skin: Pink Fuel, Oopsie!

To come...

Sarah is a brand-spanky-new style released for the very first time for AF 2010! When I thought of accessories, besides a hat, the first thing that came to mind was a flower (most likely because I really wish it were Spring already!). The flower is color change as well. My favorite thing about this style is the flexies in the front. I wasn't able to catch it here, but it looks so great with earrings! Check out this pic by the super sexy KawaiiNicole.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Sarah, 6am
Skin: Heartsick,

To come...

Last, but certainly not least, is Margaret. I'm kind of a total iPod junkie (if I don't have it for my subway rides the commute is pretty much unbearable). So, I thought I'd make a style with the accessory I wear the very most, headphones! The headphones in this style are totally color change, and by that I mean every single piece, except for the little metal that connects the band to the headphones, can be independently changed to any of 10 colors! So, you can just change the ear-pieces, or go all out funkadelic! My absolutely favorite part about Margaret is the bangs. I love how this sculptie came out so I'm definitely going to try out more styles with it!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Margaret, 1pm
Skin: Pink Fuel,
Hoodie: Intrigue Co.,

To come...

Oh, and I almost forgot! I also decided to sell the mask I made for the Anna style separately. It's going for just $50L and comes with 2 masks, one that attaches right on your eyes, and one that attaches above the head so you can wear it with any hair style you want!

Mask: RezIpsa Loc, Broadway Nights Mask (Available at the AF)
Skin: Pink Fuel
Top: Cupcakes
Jewelry: $GaNKeD$

Yeay, that's it for this post! Come by and check out the booth at the AF 2010!
See you there!


The Button Hunt!

Dang I've been a post slacker and totally forgot to shoot you guys a post about the Button Hunt! The absolutely amazing Phoenix Welles has done an outstanding job organizing, blogging, and keeping up with this hunt. Honestly, it's been an absolute pleasure to both work with her on the hunt, and to go through it (still have to finish! but thankfully there's still plenty of time!).

The Button Hunt was created as a hunt to celebrate whimsy. Designers weren't given a theme, other than to make something fanciful, playful or fun. Phoenix has done an above and beyond job on the hunt's blog (Electric Dreams Hunts). The blog has all of the SLurls for the hunt, along with pics Phoenix took of every hunt item! O.o How amazing is that! The in-world group has also been super active and helpful, so I highly recommend joining.

Anywho, enough talk! Here's a pic of what I came up with:

Shirts: RezIpsa Loc, The Button Hunt, PB & J T-Shirts
Hair (left): RezIpsa Loc, Margaret, 3pm (Available at the AF 2010 for now!)
Hair (right): RezIpsa Loc, Julia, 3am (Available at the AF 2010 for now!)
Skin: Leafy, Miso, Lune ST
Jeans: Mischief Fashions, Rock Me Roll Me
Pose: Gliteratti, Surprise!

So, come by the store and look for your button to get these two great T-shirts!

Main store taxi: * RezIpsa Loc *
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You Say Tomato, I say...

...Weekend Fever!!!
It's Weekend Fever time again, and this weekend's common color is Tomato Red! As I did last week I decided to make a special re-color of one of the new styles I'm working on. So, this is the Tomato Red version of Julia. :) I've added in the common color in both the sexy/edgy streaks on the sides, and on the hair clip, which you can click for 5 different red patterns:
I'd been trying to make a "poof" style for a while now, but hadn't been happy with it; until yesterday when I got word at the last minute that there was still one spot left in this weekend's event! Nothing like a deadline for inspiration ;D I really like how this style turned out, so look for it to come out in all colors in the future! Ok, credits next, and then some gushing about what I'm wearing:

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Julia, Tomato Red, Weekend Fever!
Skin: Leafy, Miso Lumiel, Golden, Red Packet Hunt Gift
Top: GryphonWings Designs, Flurry Cowl, Red/Gold
Earrings: $GaNKeD$, Nightdance
Lip Piercing: skream!, confession piercing
Bracelets: Pacadi Jasha, Tahta Bracelet II, Black

As usual the Weekend Fever item will be out until Sunday at midnight, and will be going for just $50L! Here's a Taxi to pic it up!

Skin & Top: I am in love with pretty much everything I'm wearing in this pic. First of all, how amazingly well does this Leafy skin go with this top?!? I found out about this amazing top from one of my fave blogs, The Freebie Telegraph. There are 4 colors, each for just 8L, and the pack of all 4 is going for 28L at GryphonWings Designs! O.o It's for a limited time only, so rush to get these, they're amazing!
And then, I was thinking, what makeup should I wear with this... I need to have red red lips, common color is tomato red o' course, but I also wanted to echo some of the amazing gold feather detailing on the top... In comes Leafy to the rescue! Red lips, gold eye shadow.
Jewelry: On the jewelry side, I have to give mad props to the designer from $GaNKeD$, who made the earrings I'm wearing. These earrings are really only the tip of the iceberg. The jewelry from there is among the most intricate and amazing I've seen on the grid. My next style pic I'm really going to try to feature one of the gorgy necklaces! (They didn't work right with the top, cuz they're big!)
I don't know if it can be really appreciated here, but the lip pierce I'm wearing from skream! is so so cute. It has a teeny-tiny little dangly cross that sits right under the middle of your lower lip. The super tiny-ness of it is so impressive to me. That seems hard to make!
Lastly, yeah, I've worn these Pacadi Jasha bracelets a lot, I know, but it's because that's how much I lurve them. I mean, look at them! They're hawt and they go with everything!

Ok, the end!
Rezzie :)

Pot O' Gold Hunt!

Hi all!
I was so focused on finishing my new textures that I totally forgot to update on the start of the Pot O' Gold Hunt! Thankfully the end of the hunt isn't soon, so you all still have time to pick up the awesome gifties, including my own! You'll be looking for a golden coin, appropriately enough, and here's the T-shirt I came up with for you when you find it:
Credits (gal):
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, 6am
Shirt: RezIpsa Loc, Pot' O' Gold Hunt T-Shirt
Skin: Heartsick, Mistletoe & Wine, Reverie
Crown: Pink Fuel, Cutie Crown, (from My Funny Valentine event)
Ears: The Plastik, Elf Ears, Burdy

Credits (guy):
Shirt: RezIpsa Loc, Pot' O' Gold Hunt T-Shirt
Skin: Belleza, Thomas V2, Pale
Hair: MADesigns Hair, Billy Destroyed, Irish Coffee

So come on down and get your giftie!
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Meet Anna!

Finally finished the Anna Style! First up is a pic of the Anna style, with credits and bio... then be sure to read on for a pic of the group gift!

It's a fully-sculptie look, with a healthy bunch of flexi-prims sprinkled in for movement. And, best part, it's available in the newly over-hauled hair textures! You can check out the new hair textures in the previous post. I'd been meaning to make a "one-eyed" style for a while now, where the bangs cover up one eye, and I finally got around to it. Yeay.

Oh! And, as per usual, I added this one color, the 4pm brown, to the Lucky Chair! Enough talk, here's the pic:

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, 4pm
Skin: Leafy, Miso, Sun, Salad
Dress: Zaara, Mrinali, Bluebells
Earrings: Zeery, Cube-Cloth Earrings, Grassy Stream

Anna Harrison
July 25, 1775 - Feb. 24, 1864. First Lady from March 4, 1841 - April 4, 1841. Hubby: William Henry Harrison. Yup, you're not reading those dates wrong, she was first lady for just one month, due to the death of her hubby exactly one month after his inauguration. She grew up in Long Island, receiving an unusually broad education for a woman of her times. While visiting family in Kentucky she met Lieutenant William Henry Harrison. Her father disapproved of the relationship that following, mostly because he didn't want his daughter to endure the hardships of living in an army camp the rest of her life. Anna was packing to move to the White House when she learned of her husband's death in Washington.

Group Gift!
To accompany the release of the Anna style I decided to release this Group Gift! It is the same Anna, 4pm style, but with a bunch of hair chunks in dyed in a different color. There are 4 hairs in the gift, each one with different color chunks. The color chunks are in my 4 "After Hours" pack colors: 1am (green), 2am (blue), 3am (purple), 4am (hot pink!). Here's a pic:
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, Group Gift
Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye, Chai, Girly
Necklace: Pink Fuel, Bottle Charm Necklace, Gatcha item
Top: Atomic, Shooting Star, Pink

The Group Gift Anna hairs can be found in the group past notices. To join the group just click on the group joiner thingie at the front of the store, click the link that shows up in the local chat, click join, and then go to the "notices" tab. :)

Now that the new textures are done I hope to be able to churn out some more styles. That's it for now! Hope you like!

~ Rezzie
Taxi to the store: * RezIpsa Loc *

New Hair Textures!

Hi all!
Finally finished the overhaul of the hair textures! Woot! /me collapses. Pack's will still be $250, and the 24-Hour pack will still go for $1000. I had a lot of fun re-doing these, and adding, hopefully, some more detail and realism to them. Anywho! Here are some pics:

Lastly, I wanted to show off what I did for the 24-Hour Pack picture... I thought it was clever so I wanted to post it too! Hee hee.

Pricing Info:
Lastly, some pricing information: Each one of the packs is going to be $250Ls. The 24-hour pack will be $1000Ls, so if you get that you'll be getting all 6 packs for the price of 4!

Hope you like!
~ Rezzie

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Car Wash Cart Sale!

* RezIpsa Loc * is taking part in The Washe's Bi-Annual Cart Sale!

The sale has over 70 designers from all over SL with items for sale at $10L and under! Wowzaaa! The event will run from February 23rd through March 9th. For more info on the event, including all of the stores participating, check out The Washes Blog.

I've put up several bikini's (because I really, really would like for it to be summer now!), a couple of jeans, and a couple of T-shirts. Aaaand, I've also made a special edition of Martha, with the new (and finally finished) hair textures, for the super low price of $10L! Check out the pics:
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Martha, Car Wash Style
Skin: Leafy, Miso Lumiel, Golden, Red Packet Hunt Gift
Dress: Digit Darkes, Foreign Affair, Black Zebra/Red
Pose & Prop: Pink Fuel, I love Cuppycakes, SnS Hunt
Glasses: SeraKorea, Accessory, Glass
Piercing: Phoebe, Burning Hearts
Bracelets: KOSH, Black Shag Bands
Other Stuffs! Pic now and description and prices below:
Top Pic:
Martha, Car Wash Style - $10L
Red Habiscus Bikini - $10L
Purple Flower Bikini - $10L
Yellow Sun Bikini - $10L
While Life-Saver Bikini - $10L

Bottom Pic:
Sleeps Well with Others T-Shirt - $5L
Old Virgin, Pink T-Shirt - $5L
Dark Blue Jeans - $10L
Rock n' Roll Jeans - $10L

So, come on down and pick up these cheapies at the Car Wash Sim!
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Mmmm, Honey...

Its Weekend Fever time! And, as the title implies, the common color for this weekend's event is Honey Yellow. Check out what I came up with:
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, Honey ~ Weekend Fever
Skin: Leafy, Miso, Sun/Emerald (you can only see the "sun" part in the pic, but the other eye shadow is an amazing color of green... how fab is that!)
Top: DeeTaleZ, shorty top, mint +, basic white cami

So, Anna is the new style I'm going to roll out a.s.a.p.. The style itself was pretty much finished about a week ago, however, I'm also working on an overhaul of all of my textures (mostly adding more detail and tweaking some colors a bit). This Weekend Fever Anna is a bit of a preview since it actually does have one of the re-worked textures. This one will be the new 7am version (second to lightest of the reds). I absolutely love how this one came out, so I had to use it. As soon as I'm done with all the new textures, and I color all of them in for Anna, it'll be ready for you gals!

Also, small *squee!* on Leafy... which I just discovered like a week ago and am now slightly obsessed with... the store has everything from shapes to poses to skins, but I'm currently in awe of the skins. The skins themselves are super detailed, and the makeups are both totally artistic and totally wearable at the same time. Exhibit A: is the skin I used in the pic, which has an amazing two-tone eye shadow makeup. It's one of the many gifts in the Thibedeau "My Funny Valentine" event, which goes until February 22nd I believe. Something that also brought me joy: Leafy is right next to one of my other faaaave stores, Pink Fuel, and the prize I got from the event had gifts from both of them! /me swoons... Ok, end of rant about awesome stores/designers :D

~ Rezzie

Taxi to the store to pick up the Weekend Fever Anna hair:
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Potty Mouth Hunt!

Hi all!
Time for another hunt! Today marks the start of the Potty Mouth Hunt, another hunt brought to you by the awesome Sutha Stoop and the Hunter's Group. You'll be looking for a bright red pair of sexy lips, and here's the T-shirt you'll get once you find it:

Skin: Pulse Skin, Dance With Me/In The Rain
T-Shirt: RezIpsa Loc, KISS ME!, Potty Mouth Hunt Gift
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Dolley, 10am
Jeans: Mischief Fashions, Rock Me Roll Me
Shoes: 50 Flats, Christmas Boat Flats

For some more info on the Potty Mouth Hunt, and the Hunter's Group check out the blog. Aaaand, for a super helpful list of all the stores involved in the hunt, with SLurls, and hints, check out this post on the blog (scroll a little bit down once ya get there).

Taxi Cab to the Store!
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Valentine's Weekend Fever!

It's weekend fever time again! This week's colors are Pink and Red to celebrate V-day.

I wanted to make something new this time, instead of a special edition re-color of a previous hair. The pic below is what I came up with!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Letitia, Valentines
Skin: PinkFuel, Pink Sugar, Valentine's Day Bazaar
Top: Ohmai!, Asymmetry Bodysuit
Necklace: Little Pricks, My Gory Valentine Necklace (Tainted Love Hunt)

I've been wanting to do something with a hat for a long time, and after playing around with about a gagillion ideas and trying to start building, scraping it, and starting over again a bunch of times, I finally finished this look at about 5am est! I definitely should have started making something earlier, but I totally let myself wait until the hunt color was assigned, oops! ;D

So, this is Letitia. I liked how it came out so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the hat more non-valentine's and color the hair for sale when I finish re-working my hair textures!

Anywho, come on down and pick up this Weekend Fever special edition at the store! I'm leaving it out through Monday because it's a long holiday in the US, so that still counts as the weekend!

~ Rezzie

Classic Love Hunt!

Another hunt! Yeay! So, this one is the Classic Love Hunt, and it runs from February 13, through February 28. I've made a T-shirt again so that I have something for the guys and well as the gals... and yes, boys do look great in pink! ;D You'll be looking for a pink/red heart, and here's a pic of the prize!

T-shirt: RezIpsa Loc, Scullie Valentines, Classic Love Hunt Gift
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Hannah, 10pm
Skin: Girl - Vive9, Grace v2, Light, Boy - Muisim, Xavier, Damaged
Bangles: Pacadi Jasha, Tahta Bracelet II, Black

For some more info on the hunt, check out their blog, here. The blog is loaded up with SLurls, sand hunt hints. Enjoy!

Taxi to store to find it!

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Weekend Fever!

* RezIpsa Loc * is in this weekend's Weekend Fever event!

I'm so excited to be part of this awesome craze that's swarming all over the SL fashion world! I love the idea of giving everyone one common idea and then seeking the amazing variety of things designers in SL can come up with from that starting point. So, I'm really happy and honored to be included in the event and to try my hand at something like this. This weekend's common color is Mint Green, and here's what I came up with:

It's a re-colorized version of my Martha hair! I've re-worked the textures all over the hair to give it a more natural look, and I've changed all of the flexies in the front part of the hair to a brand new "hair chunks/strands" textures that I've been working on for the past week; of course, in the signature mint green color!
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Martha, Mint Chocolate
Skin: Belleza, Alyson, Group Gift
Shirt:, Basic White Tee (freebie as part of the free.kini)
Bangles: Pacadi Jasha, Tahta Bracelet II, Black

Here's some info on the event:
So, come on down to the store and pick up this limited time only Martha, Mint Chocolate, Weekend Fever hair for just $50L before it's gone Sunday at midnight!

Ciao for now!