Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Fever!

It's weekend fever time again! This week's colors are Pink and Red to celebrate V-day.

I wanted to make something new this time, instead of a special edition re-color of a previous hair. The pic below is what I came up with!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Letitia, Valentines
Skin: PinkFuel, Pink Sugar, Valentine's Day Bazaar
Top: Ohmai!, Asymmetry Bodysuit
Necklace: Little Pricks, My Gory Valentine Necklace (Tainted Love Hunt)

I've been wanting to do something with a hat for a long time, and after playing around with about a gagillion ideas and trying to start building, scraping it, and starting over again a bunch of times, I finally finished this look at about 5am est! I definitely should have started making something earlier, but I totally let myself wait until the hunt color was assigned, oops! ;D

So, this is Letitia. I liked how it came out so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the hat more non-valentine's and color the hair for sale when I finish re-working my hair textures!

Anywho, come on down and pick up this Weekend Fever special edition at the store! I'm leaving it out through Monday because it's a long holiday in the US, so that still counts as the weekend!

~ Rezzie


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