Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Say Tomato, I say...

...Weekend Fever!!!
It's Weekend Fever time again, and this weekend's common color is Tomato Red! As I did last week I decided to make a special re-color of one of the new styles I'm working on. So, this is the Tomato Red version of Julia. :) I've added in the common color in both the sexy/edgy streaks on the sides, and on the hair clip, which you can click for 5 different red patterns:
I'd been trying to make a "poof" style for a while now, but hadn't been happy with it; until yesterday when I got word at the last minute that there was still one spot left in this weekend's event! Nothing like a deadline for inspiration ;D I really like how this style turned out, so look for it to come out in all colors in the future! Ok, credits next, and then some gushing about what I'm wearing:

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Julia, Tomato Red, Weekend Fever!
Skin: Leafy, Miso Lumiel, Golden, Red Packet Hunt Gift
Top: GryphonWings Designs, Flurry Cowl, Red/Gold
Earrings: $GaNKeD$, Nightdance
Lip Piercing: skream!, confession piercing
Bracelets: Pacadi Jasha, Tahta Bracelet II, Black

As usual the Weekend Fever item will be out until Sunday at midnight, and will be going for just $50L! Here's a Taxi to pic it up!

Skin & Top: I am in love with pretty much everything I'm wearing in this pic. First of all, how amazingly well does this Leafy skin go with this top?!? I found out about this amazing top from one of my fave blogs, The Freebie Telegraph. There are 4 colors, each for just 8L, and the pack of all 4 is going for 28L at GryphonWings Designs! O.o It's for a limited time only, so rush to get these, they're amazing!
And then, I was thinking, what makeup should I wear with this... I need to have red red lips, common color is tomato red o' course, but I also wanted to echo some of the amazing gold feather detailing on the top... In comes Leafy to the rescue! Red lips, gold eye shadow.
Jewelry: On the jewelry side, I have to give mad props to the designer from $GaNKeD$, who made the earrings I'm wearing. These earrings are really only the tip of the iceberg. The jewelry from there is among the most intricate and amazing I've seen on the grid. My next style pic I'm really going to try to feature one of the gorgy necklaces! (They didn't work right with the top, cuz they're big!)
I don't know if it can be really appreciated here, but the lip pierce I'm wearing from skream! is so so cute. It has a teeny-tiny little dangly cross that sits right under the middle of your lower lip. The super tiny-ness of it is so impressive to me. That seems hard to make!
Lastly, yeah, I've worn these Pacadi Jasha bracelets a lot, I know, but it's because that's how much I lurve them. I mean, look at them! They're hawt and they go with everything!

Ok, the end!
Rezzie :)


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