Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Anna!

Finally finished the Anna Style! First up is a pic of the Anna style, with credits and bio... then be sure to read on for a pic of the group gift!

It's a fully-sculptie look, with a healthy bunch of flexi-prims sprinkled in for movement. And, best part, it's available in the newly over-hauled hair textures! You can check out the new hair textures in the previous post. I'd been meaning to make a "one-eyed" style for a while now, where the bangs cover up one eye, and I finally got around to it. Yeay.

Oh! And, as per usual, I added this one color, the 4pm brown, to the Lucky Chair! Enough talk, here's the pic:

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, 4pm
Skin: Leafy, Miso, Sun, Salad
Dress: Zaara, Mrinali, Bluebells
Earrings: Zeery, Cube-Cloth Earrings, Grassy Stream

Anna Harrison
July 25, 1775 - Feb. 24, 1864. First Lady from March 4, 1841 - April 4, 1841. Hubby: William Henry Harrison. Yup, you're not reading those dates wrong, she was first lady for just one month, due to the death of her hubby exactly one month after his inauguration. She grew up in Long Island, receiving an unusually broad education for a woman of her times. While visiting family in Kentucky she met Lieutenant William Henry Harrison. Her father disapproved of the relationship that following, mostly because he didn't want his daughter to endure the hardships of living in an army camp the rest of her life. Anna was packing to move to the White House when she learned of her husband's death in Washington.

Group Gift!
To accompany the release of the Anna style I decided to release this Group Gift! It is the same Anna, 4pm style, but with a bunch of hair chunks in dyed in a different color. There are 4 hairs in the gift, each one with different color chunks. The color chunks are in my 4 "After Hours" pack colors: 1am (green), 2am (blue), 3am (purple), 4am (hot pink!). Here's a pic:
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Anna, Group Gift
Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye, Chai, Girly
Necklace: Pink Fuel, Bottle Charm Necklace, Gatcha item
Top: Atomic, Shooting Star, Pink

The Group Gift Anna hairs can be found in the group past notices. To join the group just click on the group joiner thingie at the front of the store, click the link that shows up in the local chat, click join, and then go to the "notices" tab. :)

Now that the new textures are done I hope to be able to churn out some more styles. That's it for now! Hope you like!

~ Rezzie
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