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Meet Frances & Caroline

Two new hairs! Ok, so they're semi new, you all got to see previews of them in the last CHIC event, and now here comes the full release!

First we've got Frances, a long long style with two attachment points. The top half of the hair attaches on the skull, as usual, and the bottom part attaches on the spine. This makes it so that you can avoid hair in the boob syndrome! Oh, and you can also wear just the top part for a shorter style. This is my first ever two-attachment point hair so I hope you all like the idea!

The second style, Caroline, is a really fun style that was a lot of fun to make. Caroline is a wing-swept hair that will make any pic look that much more alive. I came up with this style when given the theme of "The Elements" for the CHIC event to represent "air" and I was *amazed* at all of the pictures people put together using this hair. Go to the RezIpsa Loc flickr group and check 'em out, and add your own!

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *


Any Time Hair Pack

Ok, now this is exciting. I'd been meaning to do this for a while now since several other hair stores have done it too... I've put together an "Any Time Pack"!

This pack will contain 5 hairs in the following tones: 11pm (black), 11am (blonde), 4pm (brunette), 6am (red), and white. It will be available for the same price as all my other packs, but now you get a little bit of everything!

Oh, and I also recently made each hair in white and added it to the pastel pack of each of the new and previous hairs.


Oh look! A Satellite... or two!

The Jersey Shore
At the beginning of this year I said to myself: "Self, I am not going to get any satellites! 2011 is the year of simplifying and paring down." That lasted all of a couple of months until I got the amazing opportunity to be in two sims that I just LOVE. First, Jersey Shore. This is a pretty brand new sim that is just so super fun: it has a beach (of course), a boardwalk with amazing stores and... wait for it... RIDES. Yes, I said rides. It has fully functioning rollercoasters and such. So yeah, you should totally go check those out, oh and maybe swing by the store too, but that's clearly secondary.

Next up, Albero! Albero is a sim I'd been day-dreaming of joining for ages but always figured it would be too expensive or that no spots would be open. And then through the magic of plurk I found out that they were having a rental bargain and that they still had spots! *Dies* If you've ever been to an Albero event you know why I'm pumped. This sim has some of the most amazing hunts, gatcha festivals, seasonal events, I could go on and on. So, look forward to me being in a bunch of sale events soon! I hear there's a gatcha fest starting veeery soon too!


Hump Day Happiness!

Time for hump day!

Here are two colors of my newest hair, Frances out for just $69L for Hump Day Happiness. I've just finished texturing this hair and the one other I did (Caroline) and the full line of both will be up at the store really soon!


First Pump with the Best Hunt

This is my first hunt in a while! Yeay! The Fist Pump hunt runs from March 6-April 3 and you'll be looking for a pink heart. Here's a hint: I think the dog took it! My hunt prize is the yoga set in Sand Dune Beige.


St. Patty's Day!

Ok, blogging a bit late, but I'm trying to catch up! So, I made a St. Patty's Day Gatcha! I'm leaving it up at the store for a while since I'm a bit late blogging. Hurray! Do you have the luck of the Irish? If so, come give your luck a try at this St. Patty's Day gatcha! Here's what you can get at 15L per play!

Here's what's in it:
• St. Patty's Mini-Top Hat
• St. Patty's 3-Nail Pack
• Lucky Sparrow Chest Tattoo
• Kiss Me, I'm Irish T-Shirt
• Shamrock T-Shirt
• Mary, 8am with Mini-Top Hat (Rare)
• Eliza, 6am with Mini- Top Hat (Rare)
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Chich Limited, March ~ The Elements

CHIC Limited is a monthly event featuring new and exclusive items from about 30 designers. The March cycle runs from March 12-26. Each cycle has a theme and this month's is: The Elements!

For the theme I've decided to make one hair representing each element: earth, water, air and fire.

Frances Loves Air is a black hair with a wind-swept windy look.

Frances Loves Water is a dirty blonde hair with a seashell crown. It comes as two attachment points to avoid hair in the boob syndrome.

Frances Loves Fire is a auburn hair with lighter ginger highlights to give it a flamy brightness.

Frances Loves the Earth is a brunette hair with a green leaf crown. It comes as two attachment points to avoid hair in the boob syndrome.


Lazy Sunday!

Time once again for Lazy Sunday! This week I'm offering up two special colors of my yoga outfit collection! Hot hot pink, and Honeysuckle Pink.

Taxi to RezIpsa Loc