Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Frances & Caroline

Two new hairs! Ok, so they're semi new, you all got to see previews of them in the last CHIC event, and now here comes the full release!

First we've got Frances, a long long style with two attachment points. The top half of the hair attaches on the skull, as usual, and the bottom part attaches on the spine. This makes it so that you can avoid hair in the boob syndrome! Oh, and you can also wear just the top part for a shorter style. This is my first ever two-attachment point hair so I hope you all like the idea!

The second style, Caroline, is a really fun style that was a lot of fun to make. Caroline is a wing-swept hair that will make any pic look that much more alive. I came up with this style when given the theme of "The Elements" for the CHIC event to represent "air" and I was *amazed* at all of the pictures people put together using this hair. Go to the RezIpsa Loc flickr group and check 'em out, and add your own!

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *


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