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New Year's Resolutions!

Its been a while since I do some fun graphic tees, so here we go! Three fun new year's resolution t-shirts to ring in the new year! They're out through this weekend for La Venta Eventa for just $75L for the pack.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 1 comments

Call for Bloggers!

I used to have a blogger list but, sometime early this past year, it got too big & unwieldy. I kept meaning to update it, but kept putting it off. So, now, with the new year beginning, I figured I'd start fresh! To avoid the problem I had with the last list, I'm going to be keeping this list rather short.

So, if you have a blog and are interested, please take a moment to check out my flickr stream (link on the side bar) to see if my items are ones you would enjoy blogging. I make mostly clothes, some cosmetics, and every once in a while hair. My style is mostly casual and simple. I definitely don't expect selected bloggers to blog everything I send out, but I would like for it to be stuff you enjoy and would therefore be more likely to blog. And now, here's the details:

★ Application - Fill out a notecard with your name, flickr link, and blog url. Feel free to include any other info that you think is helpful like feeds you are on etc. Please name this notecard "Blogger App - Your Name"
★ Deadline - Send notecards over to me (RezIpsa Luckstone) by Saturday, Jan. 14. I'll be making a final list & sending notecards to selected bloggers a few days after that.
★ Perks - Selected bloggers will get: A starting pack with some of my basics. Advance copies of full releases about 1 week before they come out. Advance copies of event items, usually a day or so before the events.

♥ Rezzie

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Wind Burn Makeup

For this week's La Venta Eventa I bring you some wind burned makeup! I got the idea when I came home after going for a walk and, no joke, looked exactly like this!

The pack includes:
• Dark & Light options
• With and Without Freckles options
• With and Without Lip Color options

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Feety Pajamas & Holiday Stuffs!

I'd been wanting to make these for AGES, but wanted to hold off until the holidays since they seem more cold-weather & holiday appropriate. They come in 14 different colors and are available in both grown-up and kiddo "sizes." (meaning there's ones with boob shading and ones without!).
p.s. They have a bum flap!!

I also made the feet pajamas in holiday prints! They come in 3 different prints (candy cane, snowflake, snowmen) in 2 styles for each print (adult and kiddo). The kid version is the one with the pattern. It's the kid version because it has no chest-shading. The grown-up version is the simpler one, and it does have chest-shading.

Oh! And I've also made some holiday stripped tights to put you in the holiday spirit. You can find these (and the pajamas above) at the main entrance of the store. Here you'll also find some older holiday items, like the holiday suspenders shown below too!


With Love From (again)... Hunt

The CHIC Management "With Love From (again)..." Hunt has begun!

The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year. You'll be looking for a little red & white gift box.

Check out the CHIC website for more info on the hunt & hints:

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc *


Catch-up post: Clothes!

When I kind of re-imagined & re-hauled what my store would be at the beginning of 2011 the inventory I wanted to come up with and provide was a collection of casual basics in a pallet of 14 basic colors (6 pastels, 6 darks, white & black) so that it would be easy to mix and match.

Throughout the year I've build up that inventory little by little, and below are some of the items released in the past few months:


Catch-up post: Swimsuits!

See, this is the problem with slacking on blogging my new releases.... today is the winter solstice, the official beginning of winter... and its today that I'm blogging my summer swimsuits. Woh woh woh! Lmao.

Anyways! These swimsuits are still available and can now be found at the new main store! I made them in a bunch of color combos of this fun summery hibiscus print:

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Hogwarts Mania!

A new craze is hitting the pixel-sphere: the Hogwarts: Your Story Role Play sim is open! To celebrate the opening, and to get all of the eager young witch and wizard student ready for school, tons of creators have made Hogwarts themed stuffs! The RP is closed to non-students or staff, but they do have open house days where they open it up for everyone. I'm adding their website at the bottom here so you can check it out!

Taxi to * RezIpsa Loc * @ The Lemondrop Shoppe

Hogwarts Your Story Links:

Hogwarts Your Story Website

Hogwarts Your Story Flickr

Hogwarts Your Story Plurk

Quick note: I've been inside to set up for the event, and the sim is, quite honestly, SO amazing and has been SO well done.

Broomstick to * RezIpsa Loc * @ The Lemondrop Shoppe

Catch-up post: Nails!

Here's a quick catch-up posts with all of the nail packs I've put out since I last updated the blog. I actually LOVE making and wearing nails, so I've been doing one or two nail packs with each new season. Check it out!


Catch-up post: Hair!

It's been a while since I've updated the blog, so I'm going to do a few catch-up posts. This first one is about hair! Here are the new styles available since the last time I posted:


New Location!

Come visit at the new location in Moonbeam sim!