Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Call for Bloggers!

I used to have a blogger list but, sometime early this past year, it got too big & unwieldy. I kept meaning to update it, but kept putting it off. So, now, with the new year beginning, I figured I'd start fresh! To avoid the problem I had with the last list, I'm going to be keeping this list rather short.

So, if you have a blog and are interested, please take a moment to check out my flickr stream (link on the side bar) to see if my items are ones you would enjoy blogging. I make mostly clothes, some cosmetics, and every once in a while hair. My style is mostly casual and simple. I definitely don't expect selected bloggers to blog everything I send out, but I would like for it to be stuff you enjoy and would therefore be more likely to blog. And now, here's the details:

★ Application - Fill out a notecard with your name, flickr link, and blog url. Feel free to include any other info that you think is helpful like feeds you are on etc. Please name this notecard "Blogger App - Your Name"
★ Deadline - Send notecards over to me (RezIpsa Luckstone) by Saturday, Jan. 14. I'll be making a final list & sending notecards to selected bloggers a few days after that.
★ Perks - Selected bloggers will get: A starting pack with some of my basics. Advance copies of full releases about 1 week before they come out. Advance copies of event items, usually a day or so before the events.

♥ Rezzie


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