Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feety Pajamas & Holiday Stuffs!

I'd been wanting to make these for AGES, but wanted to hold off until the holidays since they seem more cold-weather & holiday appropriate. They come in 14 different colors and are available in both grown-up and kiddo "sizes." (meaning there's ones with boob shading and ones without!).
p.s. They have a bum flap!!

I also made the feet pajamas in holiday prints! They come in 3 different prints (candy cane, snowflake, snowmen) in 2 styles for each print (adult and kiddo). The kid version is the one with the pattern. It's the kid version because it has no chest-shading. The grown-up version is the simpler one, and it does have chest-shading.

Oh! And I've also made some holiday stripped tights to put you in the holiday spirit. You can find these (and the pajamas above) at the main entrance of the store. Here you'll also find some older holiday items, like the holiday suspenders shown below too!


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