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Tangerine Tango, New Store Gift!

New store gift!

After a couple of weeks of work I've finally opened up my new store build! I love, love, love it! To celebrate I've put out a little dollarbie gift right up front. The gift includes some of my most popular items in this year's Pantone Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango!

Includes: Low cut t-shirt, tights, nails.


Color Challenge Week 13: Tea Green

for Super Bargain Saturday!

For this SBS i've made my short sleeve dress and heart stockings in this week's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge color: Tea Green. Oh, and as usual, there's nails in the weekly color for just $5L!


Spring Thing!

for La Venta Eventa!

I am SO happy that spring has sprung! The weather in my city has been absolutely amazing this past week and has brightened me up, so i decided to make some bright and happy t's!

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Color Challenge Week 12: St. Patrick's Blue

For Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

• Low Cut Tee, in St. Patrick's Blue
• Owly Blue Tee
• St. Patrick's Blue Nails

All available at * RezIpsa Loc *


Cheapie T-Shirts!

Five buck tees!

For St. Patty's weekend I've done up some quick T-shirts! Both are available for $5L, for the pair!


Zombiepopcorn Body Suits

for Zombiepopcorn Brand

The new wave of Zombiepopcorn has started! Each wave lasts 2 weeks and brings you some new items from designers all over the grid in one convenient spot! Check out the new selection at the Zombiepopcorn Brand HQ!


Lucky Day Tights!

Some St. Partrick's Day tights for Taste of Second Life


Lucky Day Nail Pack

Some St. Patrick's Day nails for La Venta Eventa!

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Color Challenge Week 11: Aquamarine

Aquamarine for Lazy Sunday!

For this week's Lazy Sunday I've done up one of my new body suits in an aquamarine houndstooth print! I've also put our some tights and nails in aquamarine too!


Color Challenge Week 10: Avocado

Avocado for Super Bargain Saturday

I've done up my new Bubble Dress in Avocado for Super Bargain Saturday and week 10 of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! Oh, and of course there's also nails available for just $5L in avocado as well!

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Body Suits ❤

For Fashionably Late

Each color comes with both strapped and strapless options. They will be available at a discount at CHIC's Fashionably Late event until next weekend. Then they'll be moved over to the main store, where I'll also put up the "sheer-sides" version.


Color Challenge Week 9: Dandelion

Week 9 of Luna's Color Challenge!

• Low cut t-shirt for La Venta Eventa
• High-waister skirt (with detail in black & in white) for Super Bargain Saturday
• Nails, just for funsies!

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