Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tank Tops!

Next up: Tank Tops!
Its summer time (wooo hooo!!!), and that means time to make skimpier clothes! I realized I'd never made tank tops, so I decided it was high time a tank-top template for myself so I could bring you all some summer-y goodness!

The first bunch of tank-tops I made are these Chain-Tank-Tops. The really fun thing about these is that they come with a flexi-prim-attachment so that the chains will actually move when you walk or dance! Also, a bonus: when you buy one color of the tank top you get that color with both colors of chains (silver & gold)! So every layer with each color and two flexi-prim-attachments. Woot! \o/

Here are some pics for ya:

Dollarbie Tank Top!

Hope you like!



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