Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anna ~ Work in Progress

Hi all,
Just wanted to put up some pics of the new style I'm working on. Two big new things in this one are: brand new scultpies and new textures. Enough talk for now, here are some pics, some more words below:

Sculpties - So, I just got two new big packs of sculpties and this was my first plunge into fully sculpted hair (i.e. no prims, and no flexies). Since this is all scultpies I wanted to give it some "movement" so I made one side look like it was slightly wind-swept.
Texture - I've been thinking of new ways to add more realism and depth to my hair so I've been experimenting with some changes to my textures. The texture in these pics is still very similar to my old ones, but I've added what I call a "sun light" highlight to the hair, so that it looks more shiny/glossy.

Ok, so now I'm going to ask for any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, screams of horror, etc. that you might have. I really do want to get better at this, so I really do welcome any and all feedback! :)



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