Thursday, January 14, 2010

Broken Resolutions Hunt

Hi all!

As I professed earlier in the blog, I'm a huge fan of hunts. So... I've gotten the store into a whole bunch of them and tomorrow marks the start of the first one!

The Broken Resolutions Hunt is being put together by Sutha Stoop of the Hunters Group. The hunt runs from January 15 - February 14. What you're hunting for is a ribbon, kinda like what you would have leftover from unwrapping christmas presents. The theme of the hunt is all of those resolutions that people usually make around this time of the year (and how you hope you don't break them!).

Since I wanted to make sure that my hunt item was unisex for all those gals and guys going through it, I decided to make a funny T-shirt within the theme. I thought about this one for a long while actually and finally came up with an idea based around a resolution I make every year: eating healthier. That made me remember a story I read in the news a while back about how now-a-days, on Sesame St., they're making Cookie Monster eat veggies instead of cookies. Well, I've always thought this was absolutely preposterous and downright blasphemous! So, here's the shirt I came up with!

So, if you like cookies, come on down and find that pretty little bow to get this Cookie Monster T-shirt!
Peace out!
p.s. I really do need a better guy shape. Any suggestions of where I can find a skinny-bodied and pretty faced boy shape out there?


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