Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two New Styles! ~ Rachel & Hannah

Rachel is based off of my most popular style to date, Martha. It keeps the hair over the shoulder, but I've updated the bangs so that they go back to the ears. I've also made it so all the hair is behind the ears so you can show off some great earrings! Rachel also has a color change head band which comes with 10 different color options. The head band is made from 2 prims, and each is controlled by separate color change script, so you can change the colors on each one individually for endless color combos (ok, not endless, technically 100, but ya know, close enough!).
Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Rachel, 7am
Skin: Free Speerit, Maya Pale Prototype, Natural
Top: RezIpsa Loc, Qtπ T-Shirt, Green
Jewelry: Alienbear, Agnes Earrings

Rachel Adams
June 15, 1787 - Dec. 22, 1828. Hubby: Andrew Jackson. She was known for her intelligence and wit and was clearly able to hold her own in any conversation. Andrew Jackson was totally devoted to her and fought a reported 13 duels to protect her honor. He even killed one opponent, Charles Dickinson. She died suddenly of a heart attack on Dec. 22, 1828; just two weeks after Andrew Jackson has won the presidential election, but prior to his inauguration. Over 10,000 people attended her funeral. She was buried on Christmas Eve in her white inaugural gown.

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I'm currently really into the head band thing, so Hannah is also sporting a 10 color changing head band. It also is 2 separately color-changeable prims, so color change away! The bangs are straight cut, and the hair is kept behind the ears. Hannah is my first attempt at curly/wavy hair. I've used two types of sculpties to achieve both the wavy look in the back and add some little curls here and there. I decided to make is a more playful look by making it just above the shoulders in length.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Hannah, 10am
Skin: Vive9, Marianne, Babydoll, Light
Top:, Ballet Sweater, Berry
Jumper: COCO Designs, Salopette, Dark Blue
Glasses: SeraKorea, Glasses, Wood Style
Jewelry: Pink Fuel, Gatcha Bottle Charm Necklace

Hannah Van Buren
March 8, 1783 - Feb. 5, 1819. Hubby: Martin Van Buren. They were married when Martin was 24 and Hannah was 23. They had been childhood sweethearts and were first cousins once removed. Even though she died before Martin became President, she is considered a First Lady. Martin Van Buren never remarried and was one of the few Presidents to be unmarried while in office. His daughter in law, Angelica Singleton Van Buren, performed as hostess for White House events.


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