Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Kisses!!! :-*

These you can get either for $50L in a fat-pack... OR, play the gatcha for $5L a try!

• Fat pack contains 10 kiss spots, each in both red & pink, each in all layers •
~ Lots of Face Kisses
~ Cheek Kiss
~ Neck Kiss
~ Shoulder Kiss
~ Boob Kiss
~ Belly Kiss
~ Hip Kiss
~ Hand Kiss
~ Butt Kiss
~ Ankle Kiss

System nails! No need to adjust tiny prims, and no floating nails whenever your hands move. These nails come in both the glove and the tattoo layer and go on perfectly with just one click.

• Pack contains 10 Valentines color combos! •

Taxi to RezIpsa Loc @ Kozmetika.

Taxi to RezIpsa Loc, main store.


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