Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yoga at the Highlands

As many of you may know, my main store has recently moved to the Highlands, which also happens to be my home sim! I'm there with some of my very best, best friends in SL, some of which also happen to have stores at the Highlands as well! So, from time to time, we've decided it would be super fun to do collaboration projects between us, since we each do such different stuff!

The first of these is YOGA! Here's a breakdown of what each of us did, in picture form. Everything is on discount for the first week!

* RezIpsa Loc *
Yoga Outfits

The fudge brownie color of the yoga outfit is just $5L for the top and $5L for the bottom for just this week!

Lots of Poses!

Zen Yoga Studio Build

The yoga stuff can be found in the Highlands store plaza, in between RezIpsa Loc and buttons. Here's a taxi, just come outside of the store and take a left. :)


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