Saturday, December 26, 2009

First 5 Styles!

Quick Note about Style Names:
I am a big fan of American history, government, and politics, and in particular of the women who helped shape the U.S. as I know it. So, I am naming all of my hair-styles after notable women in U.S. History, starting with all of our first ladies. Now, I'm not going to try to replicate the actual styles these First Ladies wore, since most of them, especially the early ones, wore styles which now a days... well, lets just say they're not very much "in." However, I am going to try to give a little biographical and interesting and/or funny info on each woman I'm naming a style after. So, I'll start with Martha:

First, of course, is Martha Washington. This is my very first hair build. It's a long hair with straight cut front bangs. The longer parts are sculpties, the bangs are prims, and it also has flexi locks for some nice movement.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Martha, 8pm
Skin: Vive9, Grace v2, Light
Top: Cupcakes, Stripey Dress Gift

Martha Washington
June 2, 1791 - March 2, 1822. First Lady from April 30, 1789-March 4, 1797. Hubby: George Washington. Although the title was not coined until after her death, she is considered to be the first First Lady of the United States. She was actually 27 when she married George Washington, since he was her second husband, the first having died a few years earlier. Her and Washington actually had no children, but did raise Martha's children from an earlier marriage. Martha's first husband was very wealthy and left her and their children with a large estate. When she married George they used much of her wealth to acquire land.

Next is Abigail Adams. She is definitely one of my faves. Since I made this style around Christmas time I decided to make it a Holiday gift. Once the Holidays are over I'm going to make a non-Holiday version; so the same style, minus the bells and stars in the back, and I'll make the bow color change via script.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Abigail-Holiday, 11pm
Skin: Curio, ::GP:: Elf - Petal, Dark
Top: Truth, Martini Dress
Jewelry: PERTURB/ation, Noel Set

Abigail Adams
Nov. 11, 1744 - Oct. 28, 1818. First Lady from March 4, 1797 - March 4, 1801. Hubby: John Adams. She is remembered most for her many letters with her husband during his time at the Continental Congress. He often sought her advice on many matters and their letters are filled with intellectual discussions on government and politics. The letters provide an invaluable eyewitness account of the Revolutionary War as well as an excellent source of commentary of the politics of the day.

Technically, next would be Martha Jefferson. However, I'm skipping her because having two Martha's so close is confusing, and she actually was never a first lady since she died many years before Jefferson became President. So, next is Dolley Madison! This is a more playful style with a short stubby pony tail and straight cut front bangs.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Dolley, 1pm
Skin: Imagen, (IS) Mira, Este
Top: RezIpsa Loc, Stay Classy
Jewelry: Noir Lolita, Dog Tag
Dolley Madison
May 20, 1768 - July 12, 1849. First Lady from March 4, 1809 - March 3, 1817. Hubby: James Madison. She occasionally acted as First lady during the Jefferson administration before Madison took office since he was a widower. During the War of 1812, Dolley's role as First Lady was tested when British troops invaded D.C. in August, 1814. Courageously, she stayed behind (even after many state officials, including her own body guard, had left) until vital state documents, silver, and most notably, the famous portrait of George Washinton were removed safely by wagon. Her and James returned three days later to find the White House burned down.

This is the most formal of my first batch of styles, which is fitting as Elizabeth Monroe was a very elegant First Lady. The pearls that adorn the bun are a series of micro-beads. Before I made this style I knew what micro's were, but had no idea how to make them. Then I stumbled upon the best tutorial given by LeeZu, which you should totally check out!

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Elizabeth, 6am
Skin: Cupcakes, Daydream, Honey
Top: Meriken Co., Peony Green Sweater
Jewelry: Fairy Tail, Ribbon Sphere
Elizabeth Monroe
June 30, 1768(1768-06-30-September 23, 1830. First lady from March 4, 1817 – March 3, 1825. Hubby: James Monroe. In 1794, Elizabeth Monroe accompanied her husband to France when President Washington appointed him United States Minister. Arriving in Paris in the midst of the French Revolution, she took a dramatic part in saving Lafayette's wife, imprisoned and expecting death on the guillotine. With only her servants in her carriage, the American Minister's wife went to the prison and asked to see Madame Lafayette. Soon after this hint of American interest, the prisoner was set free. The Monroes became very popular in France, where the diplomat's lady received the affectionate name of la belle Americaine.

Finally, the long pony-tailed Louisa, which comes with a color change bow. Each prim is separately scripted. At first this was because I have no idea how to make all of them change by clicking just one prim (if anyone out there can clue me in drop me a line!). However, I kind of like the this since you can change each piece to get a desired look.

Hair: RezIpsa Loc, Louisa, 12pm
Skin: Heartsick, Serenity, Illusion, Dark Shines
Top: Cupcakes, Ruffly Corset Dress, Fushia
Jewelry: Fairy Tail, September Gift
Louisa Adams
February 12, 1775-May 15, 1852. Frist lady from March 4, 1825 – March 4, 1829. Hubby: John Quincy Adams. She was often sickly and depressed. Not the least of the causes of her misery was the White House itself. She found it too large, cold, and isolated. She found the condition of the house to be so deplorable that she opened it up for what may have been among the first regular public tours just to prove that she and the President were not living in great luxury as was charged. She did have one moment of gusto when, riding from Russia to Paris she was surrounded by hostile Napoleonic troops who called for her death, assuming she was Russian. Louisa had her servants whisper that she was Napoleon's sister traveling incognito, and in perfect French stepped out of the carriage to rally the troops to salutes to Napoleon. She also began reading the letters of her mother-in-law Abigail Adams and believed they should be published as an inspiration to all American women. The concept of "women's rights" and equality became one of her biggest passions.


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