Saturday, December 26, 2009


About Store Name:
* RezIpsa Loc * is my own play on words on the legal phrase: Res Ipsa Loquitur. I changed the Res to Rez as my own little SL/law joke, and replaced Loquitur with Loc both because Loquitur is just too long and complicated, and because Loc goes with my hair-making better. To check out the store in world, here's your taxi.
Res Ipsa Loquitur: (rays ip-s<> loh-kw<>-t<>r). Latin for “the thing speaks for itself.” Torts. The doctrine providing that, in some circumstances, the mere fact of an accident's occurrence raises an inference of negligence so as to establish a prima facie case. — Often shortened to res ipsa. Blacks Law Dictionary, 8th Edition, 2004.

A Bit About Me
I started playing Second Life as a creative escape when I began law school. If any of you have been through 1L, or know someone who has, you know how all consuming and bubble-like it can become. So, for me, SL was a way to escape both the bubble-like and incredibly over-logical world that was both law school in particular and the legal field in general. Also, after reading cases and statutes all day, its really nice to be able to flex my creative muscles and SL offers me, and all other creators, the space and drive to do just that.

About Style Names
I am a big fan of American history, government, and politics, and in particular of the women who helped shape the U.S. as I know it. So, I am naming all of my hair-styles after notable women in U.S. History, starting with all of the First Ladies. Now, I'm not going to try to replicate the actual styles these First Ladies wore, since most of them, especially the early ones, wore styles which now a days... well, lets just say they're not very much "in." However, as I get to the more recent ones, and as I get better at hair making, I might try to replicate some of them.

I am also going to try to include a bit of biographical and interesting or funny information about the woman whom I'm naming the style after when I post up new styles in the blog. Hopefully it will be interesting and will even help me learn new fun things about some of these awesome gals!

About Prices:
Lastly, some pricing information: Each one of the packs is going to be $250Ls. The 24-hour pack will be $1000Ls, so if you get that you'll be getting all 6 packs for the price of 4!

About Freebies:
I've always lived off of freebies in SL and saved my lindens for those extra special splurges on things I really do like. Therefore, while I do hope some of my hair styles are those things that you really like and want to splurge a little on, I will always try to have at least one freebie or dollarbie up in the store for all you stylish freebie huntersI

Thank you very much for showing some interest in my creative designs and in my blog. Hopefully I can keep this up and keep bringing you better and better products as my skills grow.

~ RezIpsa Luckstone

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