Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hair Colors and Pricing

I started my venture into hair-making by creating a texture template. My very favorite hairs in SL are those that create a series of highlights and lowlights in as naturally possible a way, and for me this means that the texture doesn't go straight up and down, and that the lighter and darker areas aren't just vertical chunks like a bad highlighting job. So, I did my best to add a natural "wave" to the texture itself.

Next came picking colors! This was by far one of the most fun things to do. Some of the colors are definitely inspired by some of my favorite bloggers and hairs I've had in SL. Once I picked out my colors I needed to come up with how to name them. Naming them the generic red, blond, and brunette wasn't nearly fun enough for me, and I feel that a lot of hair designers already used food-names (chocolate, strawberry, carrot), so I didn't want to do that either. It was actually my girlfriend in RL, peeking over my shoulder while I worked on picking colors, that came up with the brilliant idea of giving them times of day! Here's what I came up with:

After Hours Pack
This was for sure the most fun pack to pick colors for. I rarely wear funky colors like these in world, but for the longest time I was obsessed with the old Magika hot pink hair texture; to the point where I actually dyed a chunk of my RL hair just about the same hot pink color as my 4am texture. Also, since my first batch of hairs came out right during the Holidays the green was fun to work with too.

Morning Pack
The morning pack was also really fun to work on because I've (not-so-secretly to those who know me in RL) always wanted to have red hair (my hair in RL is a dark brown, a pretty brown don't get me wrong, but how amazingly sexy is red hair!). Anywho, I tried to offer a wide range of reds in this pack, from deep auburn to very light strawberry blonde. The deepest shade of red in this pack is inspired by Ana Letutia, whose blog I've followed pretty much since I started SL and I really appreciate for its amazing style sense, super useful SL tips, and really cool/interesting interviews. Go Ana!

Noon Time Pack
Blondes always have more fun! Right? Making this pack was actually a bit of a challenge as lighter colors, in my opinion at least, always tend to show errors in the underlying texture. It's like the RL equivalent of super slinky/tight dress fabrics that make you look out of shape no matter how skinny you are (you know what I mean gals!). However, after some tweaking, I think these actually came out pretty good! My favorite is the 10am, which I tried to make a kind of dirty-blonde. The very platinum noon time, 12pm color is inspired by Gogo and her super sexyblog... I swear I've never seen anyone wear platinum blonde better than her!

Afternoon Pack
At first I actually thought I wasn't going to make this pack... but once I finished it I was so super happy I did. The colors in this pack are what I could call "cool browns" since they all have a tint of ashiness to them that gives them that RL mousey look. The change in shade from one color to the next is a bit subtle, so of any of my packs, if I ever get the time to revisit any of them that might be something I work on a bit more, but for now I love them as they are.

Evening Pack
This pack is what I would call the "warm browns," since they have more of a reddish tinge to them than the Afternoon Pack. The darkest of the pack, 8pm, was actually inspired by my own RL hair, so naturally I love that one the best. Of all of my packs I think this one might be the most versatile since there is such a wide range in shading from 5pm-8pm... kind of like in RL! Hee hee.

Night Time Pack
Last but not least is the Night Time Pack which is, appropriately enough, by black hair pack. In this pack the 10pm is what I would call a more natural black, while the 11pm is more of a snow-white black that reminds me more of hair that's been dyed to be jet-black. Lastly, the midgnight, 12am color is a deep blue-black to add that extra bit of edge to the pack.

Pricing Info:
Lastly, some pricing information: Each one of the packs is going to be $250Ls. The 24-hour pack will be $1000Ls, so if you get that you'll be getting all 6 packs for the price of 4!


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I love the idea of naming the colours after the time of day -and I love the colours too!

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